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Ph.D. (MGT)


Ph.D. program requires a minimum of 18 credit hours of Ph.D. coursework and at least 30 credit hours of research work. The distribution of the total credit hours is strictly according to the HEC criteria (revised in 2009) for the said program and is as follows:

Study Plan

3-Year Program (6 Regular Semesters of 18 weeks each)

No. of CoursesCredit Hours
Need Based Elective (NBE)*39
Related To Research Work (RRW)**39
Total Credit Hours48

Specialization is offered in different disciplines depending on the availability of the expertise and as prescribed by HEC. Ph.D. course work credit hours may be implemented via selection of a particular mode of course execution from the various available approaches including guided, taught, seminar and independent research.

      *Need Based Elective                              

      **Research Related Work


Year 1

Course TitleCredit Hours
Semester - 1
Need Based Elective3
Need Based Elective3
Need Based Elective3
Semester - 2
Need Based Elective3
Need Based Elective3
Need Based Elective3

Year 2

The following requirements are to be fulfilled as per rules of the Academic Committee/Council of IMS/HEC:

  1. Ph.D. comprehensive Examination. Evaluation of qualifying evaluation for Ph.D. candidacy.
  2. Approval of synopsis and research supervisor(s).
  3. Satisfactory progress on the research thesis.

Year 3

  1. Completion of research work and submission of thesis in the format prescribed by the IMS academic committee/council.
  2. At least one research publication in research journal approved by HEC.
  3. Evaluation of thesis by at least two foreign experts.
  4. Successful defense of research work/thesis.

Program Duration

The minimum duration for completion of Ph.D. degree in Management Sciences is three years and maximum duration is eight years.

In any hardship case, the academic committee/council on the recommendation of the committee comprising the Dean, supervisor(s), the registrar and the head of the department may extend said duration. The minimum and maximum limits of the above-mentioned duration may be enhanced for the part-time students.

Transfer of Ph.D. Candidate

Migration of student from the HEC recognized chartered institutes may be allowed during the Ph.D. course work and before qualifying evaluation of Ph.D. candidacy. For this the candidate shall submit duly certified transcript of his/her Ph.D. courses studied. Exemptions will be given in the courses qualified with marks/CGPA >= 65%/2.50, respectively. The student will have to qualify at least two courses related to his/her Ph.D. research thesis to the satisfaction of the supervisor(s).

Degree Completion Requirements

After the Ph.D. course work and passing the comprehensive examination (as per HEC rules) the student shall be evaluated for the qualifying for the candidacy of research for the Ph.D. program by the qualifying evaluation procedure of the IMS.

For successful completion of the Ph.D. degree, the scholar should fulfil the requirement

  1. Successful completion of Ph.D. coursework.
  2. Qualifying the comprehensive examination.
  • Successful defence of the research proposal/synopsis.
  1. Publish at least one research paper from his/her Ph.D. research work in HEC approved journal.
  2. Successful defence of Ph.D. thesis.


Other minimum requirements set by IMS/HEC

Fee Structure

Admission feeRs. 15,000/-
Registration feeRs. 15,000/-
Additional Charges (per semester)Rs. 10,000/-
Total course work fee (6 course; 18 Cr. Hrs.@ Rs. 10,000/-)Rs. 1,80,000/-
Research Work/Thesis (30 Credit Hours)Rs. 2,85,000/-
Total FeeRs. 5,55,000/-