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    This business school was established in 1986 in Lahore. Since then, it has a very large number of Alumni serving nationally and internationally as business executives, in both public and private organizations of high repute.

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    Convocation 2022

    Registration is Open for graduates from Fall 2012 to Summer 2017.

    The registration deadline is on Thursday 6th of October 2022.

    Registration is mandatory for all graduate students who wish to attend the Convocation.


    Latest Events

    For dispensing quality Higher Education and enhancing professional academic practices Institutional Performance Evaluation (IPE) visit by HEC was held from 31st May to 2nd June 2022 at the Institute of Management Sciences (Pak AIMS).


    Featured Programs

    IMS is offering cutting-edge degree programs in Computer and Management Sciences at Bachelor, Master/MPhil and PhD level that is highly ranked at national and international level and are recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan. We aim to bind degree program structure with market drifts.

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    A Top University Leading in Computers and Management Degrees

    Since its inception, The Institute of Management Sciences has been conscious of quality education, academic discipline and integrity with the consequence that this institution has now achieved a high level of national repute. IMS is striving to promote the love for knowledge and its practical relevance, and there is no end to that.

    Merit Scholarship

    The scholarship is awarded in the shape of fee reduction calculated on the basis of credit hours taken by a student in the previous semester.

    Financial Aid

    Financial Aid is granted each semester based on students financial need, past academic performance and CGPA.
    Candidate who have secured position in the Board/University Exam are given substantial tuition remission at the time of admission.

    Fee Waivers

    1. Kinship Waiver is granted to the student if his/her brother/sister is studying in IMS.
    2.  Armed Forces waiver is granted to the student if his/her father/mother/brother/sister is in Pakistan Armed Forces.

    We Believe In Hard Working Professionalism

    Quality is better than quantity one home run better than two doubles (Steve Job, CEO Apple). The institute aims to produce hardworking and highly professional graduates in the field on computer and management sciences.


    A Creative and Innovative University

    IMS believes in originality, imagination, inventiveness, modernization and advancement of idea which are harnessed through resourcefulness. Our state-of-the-art faculty, Software Development Cell and Post-graduate Research plays an important role toward creativity innovation.


    Connecting With People is Our Starting Point

    We are connected with renowned local and foreign researchers and experts who are invited to give talks and conduct workshops on latest and cutting-edge technologies. The institute has industry linkage/liaison for job placements.


    Trust Us - You're in Good Hands

    Join us; we take care of your career and finances. We not only teach you; we train and prepare you to fit in the job market. We do not let your studies be discontinued due to financial barriers.

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