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Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

The objectives of BS Information Technology program are to:
1. Provide students with knowledge of IT concepts, applications, and practices.
2. Foster innovative IT practices for solving business operations and strategies on local and global platforms.
3. Empower students to effectively utilize and analyze software program tools.
4. Develop students awareness of ethical, social, interpersonal, and communication skills.
5. Enhance students analytical, logical, and critical thinking abilities.
6. Enable students to apply refined skills in working with IT concepts and practices.


Know The Industry

BSIT Job Prospects

BS Accounting and Finance
  1. Data Science (Analysis & Visualization)
  2. Enterprise IT Consultancy
  3. Information Systems Manager
  4. Database Administration and Security
  5. Industry Level Solutions
  6. Desktop/Web User Interface (UI) Development
  7. Web Application Development
  8. Desktop Application Development
  9. Teaching Courses related to Information Technology & related at level of Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools

BSIT Higher Studies

Some graduates choose to continue their studies at the postgraduate level at MSCS/M.Phil. or PhD in Computer Science degree program. By achieving excellence in the higher degree, a graduate may prove himself/herself essential for a career in academia and for a range of diversified career roles.

BS Accounting and Finance

BSIT Skill Domains

Skill Domains
  1. Problem-solving (IT based)
  2. Acquaintance with the real-world solutions related to IT; in education, business, government, science, communications, medicine, media, etc.
  3. Teamwork and leadership
  4. Communication
  5. Report writing
  6. Presenting reasoned arguments
  7. Time management and organization
  8. To learn new concepts and technologies

Skills for CV

  1. Network Solutions
  2. Network design and engineering
  3. Network Security
  4. Database Hardware and Software Solutions
  5. Programming languages
  6. Software tools and packages
Skills for CV

Course Outline & Fee Structure

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum 50% marks in Intermediate/12 years schooling/A- Level (HSSC) or Equivalent with Mathematics are required for admission in all BS Computing Programs other than BS Computing Engineering. Equivalency certificate by IBCC will be required in case of education from some other country or system. The students who have not studied Mathematics at intermediate level have to pass deficiency courses of Mathematics (06 credits) in first two semesters. At minimum 130 credit hours are required for award of BS degrees in any computing discipline mentioned in this document.

Program Duration

The minimum duration for completion of BS Computing degrees is four years. The HEC allows maximum period of seven years to complete BS degree requirements.

Degree Completion Requirements

A minimum 2.0 CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) on a scale of 4.0 is required for award of BS Computing Degree.  The students after successful completion of 04 semesters in BS Computing Programs may exit with Associate Degree in Computing subject to completion of all requirements for the award of associate degree, i.e., Credit Hours, CGPA, and compulsory courses.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

1. Apply problem-solving skills using IT concepts and standards to achieve goals and objectives.
2. Select, design, integrate, and administer IT-based solutions in organizational environments.
3. Apply current and emerging technical concepts and practices in information technologies to solve problems.
4. Demonstrate critical thinking in evaluating problem areas and proposing optimal solutions.
5. Successfully complete an IT project and present it effectively to a viva panel.
6. Utilize IT skills to analyze and present logical solutions for organizational needs.