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The Institute was established in Lahore in the year 1986 as the Canadian School of Management - Lahore Learning Centre.


Later the name was changed to The Pak-American Institute of Management Sciences (Pak-AIMS) to reflect the Institute’s Articulation Agreement with College of Statern Island of City University of New York(CSI/CUNY), USA.

In view of its excellent performance in education over the years, Pak-AIMS was issued NOC by the University Grants Commission of Pakistan for the award of the charter in 1995. Consequently, the Institute was chartered by the Government of Punjab under Punjab Ordinance XXIII of 2002 and was renamed The Institute of Management Sciences (IMS).

IMS is a business school with over fourteen hundred students at its two campuses located in Gulberg, Lahore. Rigorous academic programmes, quality of education and congenial environment make IMS an ideal choice for professional education in the country.

“Integrity, Merit, Professional Excellence, Professional Ethics, & Humility.”

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Academic Vision

Since its inception, The Institute of Management Sciences has been conscious of quality education, academic discipline and integrity with the consequence that this institution has now achieved a high level of national repute. IMS is striving to promote the love for knowledge and its practical relevance, and there is no end to that.
The world is currently entering an unpredictable wave of challenges. We believe that educational institutions in Pakistan must energise their students with the necessary capabilities to meet these new challenges. IMS is also concerned to share this realisation. It is in this context that IMS is continuously striving for excellence with regard to higher education in Management, Computer Sciences and other disciplines in response to market needs. The institution aims to promote and enhance its focus on research also.

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Mission Statement

IMS endeavours to contribute to nation building through producing top-class business and computer science professionals. In the face of competitive national and international markets, high-paced economic development, rapidly changing technological and market trends, IMS is committed to constantly upgrading its curricula, teaching and research methods, student support and physical facilities. IMS aims to gain a competitive advantage through an emphasis on merit, high standards of education, state-of-the-art curricula, qualified and experienced faculty, and ever-increasing standards of professional ethics. Our graduates are equipped with international-level professional skills and personal grooming to prepare them for the role of contributing to the objectives of the organisations they will work for, as well as to contribute to the well-being of 21st Century society.

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Chairman's Message

The IMS success over the last 26 years can be attributed to a number of factors, but to me the over-arching driver of IMS achievements and success is the unwavering commitment to our mission. With an increasing trend towards globalisation there will always be a dire need for high-calibre business and IT professionals. IMS focuses on developing these human resources and bridges this gap with a mission to provide high-quality education, preparing our graduates to meet the ever-demanding challenges prevailing in the market. IMS firmly adheres to this consciousness, striving constantly towards academic excellence. The management, faculty, staff, and students work harmoniously towards this shared goal. At IMS the concept of professionalism implies accepting the responsibility for one’s job with a sense of dedication, zeal and commitment, and performing work to the highest possible level of professional ethics.

Board of

Senator Dr. Khalid Ranjha

Chairman Board of Governor / Rector, IMS

Advocate Malik Parvez Akhtar

Former Deputy Attorney General for Pakistan Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan,

Mr. Iftikhar Ali Malik

Chairmain & Chief Executive,
Guard Group of Companies

Prof. Dr. Rafique Ahmed

Secretary General
Nazria Pakistan Foundation

Dr. Zafar Altaf

Ministry of Food and Agriculture
Government of Pakistan


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Dean's Message

Prof. Dr. Nisar Ahmad has joined the Institute of Management Sciences (IMS) as Dean of Academies. Dr. Nisar Ahmad has earned a Ph.D in Economics from Australia. His wok experience spans over four decades. He has worked for over thirteen years at World Bank.


As Dean of The Institute of Management Sciences (Former Pak-AIMS), Lahore It is my pleasure to welcome you to this great Institution established in 1986 as a pioneer institution in business, management and computer sciences. It has been producing competent and well qualified human resource in these sciences. Over the years, the Institute has grown and established itself as a reputed school of learning with an uncompromisable emphasis on quality education, excellence, discipline and innovation. In recognition of its achievements, the Government of the Punjab has granted Charter to the Institute to award degrees at Undergraduate and Graduate levels.


For the Institute, the concept of professionalism implies accepting the responsibility for one’s job with a sense of dedication, zeal, commitment and performing the work ethically to the highest possible standard. As a result, the Institute enjoys satisfaction, acknowledgement and reputation for its quality and standards. It is pertinent to add that most of our former graduates are holding important positions in national and international organizations. A large number of students have gone abroad for higher education or employment.


The Institute invites professionals from the corporate sector to teach applied / capstone courses to maintain the balance between theory and practice; thus providing the students an access to practical knowledge directly from the source. In addition to this, students’ internship projects, grooming sessions and workshop on personality development are arranged which add further value to their education. Apart from it, the Institute earnestly endeavours to nurture ethical values in its students to become responsible citizens.


The Institute is flexible in content and diversity of its courses. In addition to supplement to teaching, it organizes training workshops, faculty seminars, and conferences, speed programming contests, debates, sports and other activities.

his website contains a program of education to suit your interests and career aspirations. On joining IMS, you will find yourself comfortably motivated, and enjoy its charming environment.

The Al-Karim Educational Foundation (AKEF) was established by visionary business leaders and dedicated citizens as a non-profit organization and registered under the Societies Act of 1860 with the aim of filling the gap in professional and specialized education in Management and Computer Sciences.

Al - Karim Educational Foundation

Charter Notification

Pak-AIMS’ unceasing effort for quality education and exemplary discipline finally culminated in its gracious recognition in the form of a charter by the name of The Institute of Management Sciences (IMS), from the Punjab Government in February 2002.

Gazette Notification of The Institute of Management Sciences (IMS):