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Ph.D. Computer Science

Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science

  • Purpose of the PhD program is to produce high-quality researchers who could impart in shaping the county into a form that the technologically advanced countries have at this time.
  • PhD program aims to develop skills in the student so that may review the research work of renowned researchers and scholars of a particular domain, write critical reviews, carryout scientifically recognized research.
  • The PhD program has been designed to fulfill to fulfill the academic as well as professional requirements of the industry and academia to conduct high quality research.
  • Program also focus on providing qualified and trained manpower for teaching and research at university level while acquiring advanced concepts in computer science and the related fields to undertake research programs and execute research projects of national and international importance.
  • One of the purposes of the PhD is not to do a business rather supporting the students to continue their learning and delivering process.

Know The Industry

Job Prospects

BS Accounting and Finance
  1. Computer scientist
  2. Principal scientist/investigator
  3. Faculty member of Computer Science Department
  4. Entrepreneurship

Higher Studies​

After completion of PhD. (Computer Science), the students can go for higher studies that is Post Doctorate (Post Doc) in the following areas while depending upon their research interests and backgrounds

  1. Networks
  2. Information security
  3. Data Sciences
  4. AI
  5. Cloud Computing and IoT etc.
BS Accounting and Finance

Skill Domains

Skill Domains

The students improve their skills in the following domain when their PhD is:

  1. Critical thinking and reasoning
  2. Formulation and evaluation
  3. Research & Development
  4. Project supervision
  5. Consultancy

Skills for CV

  1. Carrying out effective research and publish quality articles of international standards
  2. R & D projections supervision, investigation and evaluation
  3. MS/PhD thesis supervision and evaluation, skill to evaluate the research work of other
  4. Consultants
Skills for CV

Course Outline & Fee Structure

Eligibility Criteria

Must qualify GRE-Subject/GAT-Subject/IMS Graduate Admission Test (I-GAT) as per HEC requirement and IMS procedures.
MS (with research)/M.Phil. (CS/SE/IT and other areas related to Computer Science) 18 years degree from a chartered institute with minimum CGPA 3.0.
MS with research or M.Phil. degree in related disciplines. However, such candidates will need to complete deficiencies or prerequisite determined by the Ph.D. Admission Committee.

Program Duration

The minimum duration for completion of Ph.D. Computer Science degree is three years and maximum duration is eight years.
In any hardship case, the academic committee/council on the recommendation of the committee comprising the Dean, supervisor(s), the registrar and the head of the department may extend said duration. The minimum and maximum limits of the above-mentioned duration may be enhanced for the part-time students.

Degree Completion Requirements

After the Ph.D. course work and passing the comprehensive examination (as per HEC rules) the student shall be evaluated for the qualifying for the candidacy of research for the Ph.D. program by the qualifying evaluation procedure of the IMS. For successful completion of the Ph.D. degree, scholar should fulfill the requirement i. Successful completion of Ph.D. course work. ii. Qualifying the comprehensive examination. iii. Successful defense of the research proposal/synopsis. iv. Publish at-least one research paper from his/her Ph.D. research work in HEC approved journal. v. Successful defense of Ph.D. thesis. vi. Other minimum requirements set by IMS/HEC.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

1. After completing the PhD. (Computer Science) degree, PhD graduates are at the front end of multiple areas of computer science.
2. PhD. (Computer Science) students gain an in-depth knowledge of the particular area of computer science and significant knowledge of allied and supporting areas
3. At the end of this degree, the students become more creative as they achieve a highest level of critical thinking and reasoning
4. This degree enlightened the students to carry out research on ethical grounds and evaluate their and others’ research from different perspectives at the same grounds