M.Phil (CS)

Master of Philosophy in Computer Sciences

M.Phil. (Computer Science) is a combination of course work and research work. The main objectives of our M.Phil. program are

  1. To strengthen the understanding of competency of students in theoretical and applied computer science fundamentals
  2. To produce quality Computer Science Faculty Members to teach at the institutes of higher studies
  3. To produce good software development managers

Know The Industry

M Phil Computer Science Job Prospects

BS Accounting and Finance
  1. Computer scientist
  2. Research assistant
  3. Research associate
  4. Computer science faculty member
  5. Software development manager
  6. Entrepreneurship

M Phil Computer Science Higher Studies

  1. Networks
  2. Information security
  3. Data Sciences
  4. AI
  5. Cloud Computing and IoT etc.
BS Accounting and Finance

Skill Domains

Skill Domains

The students improve their skills in the following domain after completing this degree.

  1. Critical thinking and reasoning
  2. Problem modelling and analysis using stochastics
  3. Research & Development
  4. Teaching
  5. Software project/quality management

Skills for CV

  1. Skill to carry out effective research and supervise students; to write and publish quality articles
  2. MS/M.Phil. degree ensures you have got sufficient knowledge and skills to teach at universities or at the institutes of higher studies
  3. After doing this degree, your CV will reflect that you are more skilled in managing software development.
Skills for CV

Course Outline & Fee Structure

Eligibility Criteria

For admission in M.Phil Computer Sciences program, one must have any of the following degrees:
M.Com/M.Sc Accounting and Finance/MPA (16 years of Education)/ BBA/ B.Com (Hons)/ BS Accounting and Finance with minimum CGPA 2.0 or 60% marks.
The GAT-General Test conducted by the National Testing Service/IMS with a minimum 50% Cumulative score is required.

Program Duration

The candidate shall have to complete his/her M.Phil within the two years as per HEC requirements. The maximum duration of the M.Phil program is six years from the date of registration for the program.

Degree Completion Requirements

CGPA of 2.5 is required to qualify for the degree.

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

1. M.Phil. (Computer Science) program believes in students to end this degree while having an advanced knowledge of this field
2. After completing this degree students will be able to think critically and creatively, they will be able to solve complex non-trivial problems in a system way
3. The students will be in a position to apply computer science knowledge to solve real life problems
4. At the end of this degree, students will be confident in carrying research activities and publish their research outcomes in reputed journals