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M.Phil (CS)

M.Phil (CS) – Category wise Course List

The Mphil CS Program at IMS is flexible to fulfill the academic as well as professional requirements in different tracks. Therefore, aims at to impart higher education and give training in research in emerging fields of Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Networks & Communication, Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences. The program is structured on the basis of preparation for the study of doctoral (Ph.D.) level to undertake research in these fields.

Study Plan

Master of Philosophy in Computer Sciences (MSCS)

2-Year Program (4 Regular Semesters of 18 weeks each)

Course TitleCredit Hours
Advanced Analysis of Algorithms3 (3-0)
Advanced Operating Systems3 (3-0)
Elective (Research Methodology)3 (3-0)
Semester Credit Hours:9 (9-0)
Course TitleCredit Hours
Advanced Computer Architecture3 (3-0)
Theory of Automata – II3 (3-0)
Elective (University Compulsory)3 (3-0)
Semester Credit Hours:9 (9-0)
Course TitleCredit Hours
Elective3 (3-0)
Thesis (Partial registration)3 (3-0)
Semester Credit Hours:6 (6-0)
Course TitleCredit Hours
Elective3 (3-0)
Thesis (Complete registration)3 (3-0)
Semester Credit Hours:6 (6-0)
Program Credit Hours: 30 (30-0)

M.Phil (CS) – Elective Courses

The student shall have to study at least 4 out of the following ELECTIVE courses
(4 Courses of 12 credit hours)

University Elective Courses

Course TitleCredit Hours
Advance Research Methods3
To be offered by CS Department3

Software Engineering

Course TitleCredit Hours
Software Architecture3
Topics in Software Engineering3
Object Oriented Software Engineering 3
Software Quality Assurance3
Requirements Engineering3
Software Project Management.3

Computer Networks & Communication

Course TitleCredit Hours
Advanced Computer Networks3
Broadband Satellite Communication3
Network Security and Privacy3
Network Administration/Management3
Wireless and Mobile Computing Networks3
Network Performance Evaluation3

Artificial Intelligence

Course TitleCredit Hours
Advanced Design of Intelligent System.3
Advanced Machine Learning3
Advanced Artificial Neural Networks3
Advanced Mathematical Reasoning3
Advanced Decision Support Systems3
Advanced Computer Vision3
Advanced Deep Learning3
Advanced Soft computing3
Swarm Intelligence3
Fuzzy Logic3
Natural Language Processing3
Computational Intelligence3
Knowledge-Based Systems3
Genetic Algorithms3

Data Sciences

Course TitleCredit Hours
Big Data Analytics3
Cloud Computing3
Data Visualization3
Optimization Methods for Data Sciences and Machine Learning3
Social Network Analysis3
Advanced-Data Mining3
Information Retrieval3
Advanced-Data Warehousing3
Natural Language Processing3
Advanced Distributed Database Systems3
Advanced Text Processing and Data Analysis3
Advanced Database Management Systems3

M.Phil (CS) – Fee structure

Admission Fee (one time)Rs. 10,000/-
Registration FeeRs. 10,000/-
Additional Charges (per semester)Rs. 10,000/-
Tuition Fee (per credit hour) Rs. 8,000/-
If enrolled in 3 courses totaling 09 Credit Hours, the total tuition fee for the semester will be:Rs. 72,000/-
Thesis FeeRs. 90,000/-
Total FeeRs. 3,42,000/-