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MBA – Category wise Course List

The MBA program is design to develop best business practices to solve the contemporary managerial issues. The program integrates theories and practices to perform strategic analysis of business. It focuses on enhancing leadership skills to work effectively within diverse teams. The MBA program addresses decision making techniques quantitative / qualitative and effective written forms of communication and oral business presentations.

Study Plan

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

2-Year Program (4 Regular Semesters of 18 weeks each)

Course TitleCredit Hours
Financial Accounting3
Business Mathematics and Statistics3
Business Finance3
Business Economics3
Principles of Management3
Principles of Marketing3
Course TitleCredit Hours
Cost Accounting3
Data Analytics3
Human Resource Management3
Marketing Management3
Financial Management3
Business Communication3
Course TitleCredit Hours
Advance Research Methodology3
Strategic Management3
Strategic Finance3
Strategic Marketing3
Managerial Economics3
Course TitleCredit Hours

Elective Courses


Course TitleCredit Hours
Corporate Governance3
Research Seminars in Management3
Leadership Theory and Management3
Change Management3


Course TitleCredit Hours
Research Seminars in Marketing3
Global Marketing3
Digital and Social Media Marketing3
Customer Relationship Management3
Pricing Strategy3
Marketing Channel3
Branding Strategy3


Course TitleCredit Hours
Corporate Finance3
International Finance3
Financial Forecasting and Modeling3
Quantitative Finance3
Financial Derivatives3

Human Resource Management

Course TitleCredit Hours
Strategic Human Resource Management3
Human Resource Training and Development3
HR Analytics3
Human Resource Planning and Staffing3
Compensation Design and Management3
Organizational Development and Change Management3

Operation & Supply Chain Management

Course TitleCredit Hours
Logistic Management3
Operations Management and Risks3
Supply Chain Disruptions3
Procurement and Inventory Control3
Operations Management in Services3

Fee structure

Admission Fee (one time)Rs. 10,000/-
Registration FeeRs. 10,000/-
Additional Charges (per semester)Rs. 10,000/-
Tuition Fee (per credit hour) Rs. 7000/-
If enrolled in 5 courses totaling 15 Credit Hours, the total tuition fee for the semester will be:Rs. 105,000/-
Total FeeRs. 5,22,000/-