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BBA – Category wise Course List

Business provides the strength for the development of the country. With the changing business environment, we need updated knowledge to cope up challenges of the business world.

Study Plan

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

4-Year Program (8 Regular Semesters of 18 weeks each)

Course TitleCredit Hours
Computer & Applications4
English I3
Fundamental Accounting3
Principles of Management3
Business Mathematics3
Semester Credit Hours19
Course TitleCredit Hours
PakStudies & Islamiyat4
Principles of Marketing3
Financial Accounting3
English II3
Business Statistics3
Semester Credit Hours19
Course TitleCredit Hours
Business Law & Ethics3
Business Finance3
Business Communication3
Economy of Pakistan3
Money & Banking3
Organizational Behavior3
Semester Credit Hours18
Course TitleCredit Hours
Human Resource Management3
*Financial Management3
Oral Communication in English3
Semester Credit Hours16
Course TitleCredit Hours
Consumer Behavior3
Cost Accounting3
Marketing Management3
International Relations3
Environmental Sciences3
Semester Credit Hours18
Course TitleCredit Hours
Information Technology3
Human Psychology3
Foreign Language3
Innovation & Leadership3
Research Methods & Report Writing3
Semester Credit Hours15
Course TitleCredit Hours
Production & Operation Management3
International Business Management3
Concentration I3
Concentration II3
Semester Credit Hours15
Course TitleCredit Hours
Project Management3
Total Quality Management3
Concentration III3
Research Project6
Semester Credit Hours15

BBA – Elective Courses

Course TitleCredit Hours
Data Analytics3
Business Intelligence3
Data Sciences3
Digital and Social Media Marketing3
Business Policy and Strategies3
Comparative Study of Management Systems3
Logistics Management3
Change Management3
Technology Management3
Sales and Retail Management3
Marketing Research3
Procurement & Material Management3
Services and Industrial Marketing3
Investment & Portfolio Management3
Capital Budgeting & Management3
Essentials of Corporate Finance3
Financial Institution of Pakistan3
Securities Analysis and Risk Management3
Cyber & E-Marketing3

BBA – Fee Structure

Admission Fee (one time)Rs. 10,000/-
Registration FeeRs. 10,000/-
Additional Charges (per semester)Rs. 10,000/-
Tuition Fee (per credit hour) Rs. 6,300/-
If enrolled in 5 courses totaling 15 Credit Hours, the total tuition fee for the semester will be:Rs. 100,800/-
Total FeeRs. 9,50,500/-