Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Business Administration

Brief Summary

The Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) is an undergraduate program for those students who are willing to opt for the career and to start their own business. The time duration for this program in 4 years. The student will learn each and every aspect of the business and its practical implications. The BBA program emphasis on different categories like business, management, finance, economics, accounting, marketing, and research. In Research centers, students are guided to do industry related research in which they are able to apply critical thinking, technology, communication skills and they can formulate business strategies .The BBA program help to explore leadership vision. Students will be able to start their own business by using their business skills which they have learned from top business leaders.

Course Outline

Intermediate from a Board of Intermediate & Secondry Education of Pakistan (BISE) with minimum 45% marks or minimum 2 A's and 1 B's in A level or its equivalent as determined by the HEC/IMS rules.

BBA 2 years programme will be of 72 credit hours which includes 6 credit hours research project and 130 credid hours course work spread over 42 courses. Duration minimum 4 years, 8 semesters and maximum 6 years. A final project of 6 credit hours will be offered after completion of foundation courses.

Year 1, Semester 1
Sr# Course Title Credit Hrs.
1 Financial Accounting 3
2 Principles of Management 3
3 Principles of Marketing 3
4 Business Economics 3
5 Business Mathematics 3
6 Management Information System 3
Year 1, Semester 2
Sr# Course Title Credit Hrs.
1 Cost Accounting 3
2 Marketing Management 3
3 Human Resourse Management 3
4 Business Communication 3
5 Business Statistics 3
6 Foreign Language 3
Year 2, Semester 3
Sr# Course Title Credit Hrs.
1 Financial Management 3
2 Business Research Method 3
3 Organization Behaviour & Leadership 3
4 Consumer Behaviour 3
5 Elective I 3
6 Research Project (I) 3
Year 2, Semester 4
Sr# Course Title Credit Hrs.
1 Production and Operations Management 3
2 Total Quality Management 3
3 Entrepreneurship 3
4 Elective II 3
5 Elective III 3
6 Research Project (II) 3
Fee Structure
Admission Fee (One Time) Rs. 10,000/-
Registration Rs. 10,000/-
Tution Fee Per Credit Hour Rs. 4,800/-
Total Credit Hours 72
Total Fee Rs. 3,65,600/-