Graduate Programs

Master of Business Administration 2 Years (MBA 2 Years)

Brief Summary

MBA 2 years is a post-graduate program designed for business students. The program not only prepares you to tackle complex business challenges but also trains you to lead yourself, others and organizations in a responsible manner to achieve extraordinary results. Further, more there is a component of in-depth research that helps students achieve holistic learning and provides for a comprehensive understanding of the contemporary business environment. In this program, the student will be enabled to understand the know-how to lead the organization in a systematic manner. Students will learn leadership, team development, oral and written communication skills. The core courses of this program are economics, communication, accounting, business strategy, and finance. After completing this program student will ready to start their own business with a complete business background.

Course Outline

Graduates with 16 years of non-Business education or equivalent learning from recognised universities / institutions can apply for admission. Admissions are based on the results of a written test and interview conducted by the institute.

Year 1, Semester 1
Sr# Course Title Credit Hrs.
1 Financial Accounting 3
2 Business Mathematics and statistic 3
3 Business Finance 3
4 Business Economics 3
5 Principles of Management 3
6 Principles of Marketing 3
Year 1, Semester 2
Sr# Course Title Credit Hrs.
1 Cost Accounting 3
2 Data Analytics 3
3 Human Rescourse Management 3
4 Marketing Management 3
5 Finanacial Management/td> 3
6 Business Communication 3
Year 2, Semester 3
Sr# Course Title Credit Hrs.
1 Advanced Research Methodology 3
2 Strategic Management 3
3 Strategic Finance 3
4 Strategic Marketing 3
5 Management Economics 3
Year 2, Semester 4
Sr# Course Title Credit Hrs.
1 Entrepreneurship 3
2 Elective-I 3
3 Elective-II 3
4 Thesis 6
Year 3, Semester 5
Sr# Course Title Credit Hrs.
1 Research Project 6
Fee Structure
Admission Fee (One Time) Rs. 10,000/-
Registration Rs. 10,000/-
Tution Fee Per Credit Hour Rs. 5,500/-
Total Credit Hours 66
Total Fee Rs. 3,83,000/-