Graduate Programs

Executive MBA 2 Years

Brief Summary

Executive MBA is a post-graduate program of 2 years IMS (Pak Aims) is offering this course to those students who have 4 years of job experience. This program is designed to provide an opportunity to enhance skills for decision-making and to learn and use sophisticated management know-how in meeting business goals. Executive MBA is a business program, students of this program are able to understand each and every dimension, the problems and their suitable solution in the business. After completing this program student will be able to start their own business, get better opportunities in different sectors like banking, finance and accounts. They can also start their rewarding career and can also get increments from their current jobs.

Course Outline

Graduates with 16 years of education from chartered Institutes with 3 years’ experience of working in an executive position with a public limited or a private limited company having a minimum paid-up capital of Rs. 10 million. Company sponsored candidates are preferred, however, we give consideration to deserving applicants from other sectors.

Year 1, Semester 1
Sr# Course Title Credit Hrs.
1 Financial Accounting 3
2 Business Mathematics 3
3 Business Statistics 3
4 Business Economics 3
5 Principles of Management 3
6 Principles of Marketing 3
Year 1, Semester 2
Sr# Course Title Credit Hrs.
1 Cost Accounting 3
2 Business Fianance 3
3 Human Rescourse Management 3
4 Marketing Management 3
5 Total Quality Management 3
6 Business Communication 3
Year 2, Semester 3
Sr# Course Title Credit Hrs.
1 Advance Research Methodology 3
2 Financial Management 3
3 Organizational Behaviour 3
4 Organizational Behaviour 3
5 Project Management 3
6 Managerial Economics 3
Year 2, Semester 4
Sr# Course Title Credit Hrs.
1 Entrepreneurship 3
2 Elective-I 3
3 Elective-II 3
4 Thesis 6
Fee Structure
Admission Fee (One Time) Rs. 10,000/-
Registration Rs. 10,000/-
Tution Fee Per Credit Hour Rs. 5,000/-
Total Credit Hours 66
Total Fee Rs. 350,000/-