Placement and Industry Liaison Office

Placement Office

We are proud to share that our graduates of both the departments are well placed in market.

Excellent Career Prospects

Almost 100% of our graduates are in employment or further study within six months of their graduation.

Personal and Professional Development Sessions

These sessions are held every semester for graduating students. Eminent speakers from various businesses are invited to address and interact with the outgoing class. The speakers discuss the corporate experience that enables graduating students to place their classroom knowledge into business practice.


Internship is the last requirement of the MBA programme. Students are supported in working with different organisations for a period of six to twelve weeks. The placement manager supervises the internship programme through personal visits and contacts the employers to whom our interns report. More than 60 national and multinational organisations, financial institutions and banks offer an internship facility to our graduates. Every year this list of internship organisations is expanding.

Job Placement

The office maintains liaison with hiring organisations throughout the year as well as dozens of organizations visit IMS for hiring tests. It assists the students in career planning and access to information regarding job opportunities. The office gives orientation to the outgoing graduates on job interviews, resume preparation, self-assessment skills, and job search.

Alumni Activities

The Placement Officer keeps in touch with graduates. The office also holds election activities and promotes interaction of our alumni with the faculty and students. An alumni directory is also compiled after every two years.


IMS publishes a news bulletin every semester. This bulletin is sent to our Alumni and more than 250 national and multi-national organisations.

Student Entrepreneurs

A number of companies have emerged from the IMS in the past 27 years. IMS supports the entrepreneurial development of start-up companies and functions as a growth accelerator for established companies. Study Guide.

We offer you support for learning how to study effectively, which courses to choose, how to deal with official and financial issues, and what to do if you fall behind with your studies. If you have personal problems that affect your studies, you can turn to our student support cell.

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