To fulfil the academic as well as professional requirements in the discipline of computer science. The programme is also aimed to impart higher education and give training in research in the field of computer science. The programme also aims at providing qualified and trained human resources for teaching and research at university level in computer science and computer professionals with advanced concepts in the field of software development and information technology to undertake research programmes and execute research projects of national and international importance.

Admission Criteria

• Must qualify GRE or NTS or ETS as per HEC requirements and IMS procedure.

• MS (CS, SE, IT) 18 years degree from a chartered institute (CGPA >=3.0).

• MS degree in related discipline, however such candidates must complete pre-requisites deter-mined by the PhD admission committee.


Ph.D. student must study 06 courses in the area of his/her research. Student must complete his/her course work with minimum of 3.0 C.G.P.A.

Student also has to pass a comprehensive examination after successful completion of his/her course work to qualify for Research Thesis.

Fee Structure

Admission Fee (One Time)

Rs. 15,000/-

Registration Fee

Rs. 15,000/-

Additional Charges (per semester)

Rs. 10,000/-

Tuition Fee - Per credit hour

Rs.   10,000/-

If enrolled in 3 courses totaling 09 Credit Hours,
the total tuition fee for the semester will be

Rs. 90,000/-

Thesis Fee

Rs. 2,85,000/-

Total Cost of the Programme

Rs. 5,55,000/-