IMS Labs

Computer Labs

IMS offers specialised and advanced technology resources and assistance for course-related work and research.These include high-end Linux and Windows systems, laser printers, DVD drives and related equipment, a wide variety of up-to-date software, and high-speed connections to the Internet, and Wi-Fi access. Capacity in computer labs ranges from 25 to 37 workstations, and locations are distributed throughout the IMS campus. In some locations, computer labs are equipped with specialised instructional technology equipment (Multimedia projectors, scanners etc.). All labs are staffed with consultants and support personnel.

Hardware Labs

Hardware Labs are used by students of various hardware-intensive courses in the Department of Computer Science. These labs are equipped with the hardware to support courses like Computer Logic and Design, Computer Architecture, Computer Organisation etc.

Wi-Fi Facility

High-speed Wi-Fi access is available in all locations around the IMS campus which includes classrooms, computer labs, cafeteria, library, sitting rooms etc.