Teachers Details

Dr. Abdul Rahim


    HEC Approved Ph.D. Supervisor

  • M.Sc, Physics, (P.U)
  • Ph.D. (Salford University, England)

    Teaching Experience

  • Working as professor of Computer Science in the Institute of Management Sciences (Pak-AIMS) Lahore since 1 September 2001 to to-date.
  • Worked as professor of Computer Science at FC College University Lahore from Septemper 2006 August 2009.
  • Worked as Professor and Chairman of the department of Space Science, University of the Punjab Lahore. Taught B Sc (Hons), M Sc and Ph D students of Space Science and guided them in their research work (April 1995 – May 2001
  • Taught M.Sc. Physics Classes and guided the M.Sc, MPhil, and Ph D Physics students in research work in the department of Physics. University of the Punjab, Lahore in almost all the disciplines of physics especially in ADVANCED ELECTRONICS (June 1966 to April 1995).
  • Taught B.Sc. (Hons) and M.Sc Physics classes and guided the students in research work /thesis in the department of Physics . Garyounis University , Bengazi, Libya ( Sept. 1981 – Aug. 1984). Instructed B.Sc.(Hons) Classes in Physics Practicals in the department of Pure and Applied Physics Salford University, Salford, England (Sept. 1973-Aug. 1976).
  • Research Experience/ Field of Studies:

  • Study of Effect of Radiation on semi-conductor devises. Designed Satellite C-band Transponder for Pakistan Satellite, Pak-Sat Badar-II.
  • Delineation and Interpretation of Main Boundry Thrust (MBT) between Islamabad and Muzaffarabad using Remote Sensing /GIS Technologies.
  • Studied Environmental Pollution such as Air Pollution, Noise Pollution, Hospital Wastes etc, Radiation Hazards, Position of Ozone at the Earth surface and at the Stratospheric layer.
  • Information technologies: Studies of Landuse/Landcover, Salinity, Water-logging, Meteorological and Geological Issues, Irrigation and Communication Networks, City Planning, Development and Management of Metropolitan Information System (MIS) using remotely sensed satellite digital data and GIS techniques. Remote Sensing, Digital Image processing, Image Interpretation and their Temporal, Spatial and Spectral Resolutions, Sub-pixel Classification, Algorithm Development etc.
  • Environmental Dosimetery of INMOL Hospital Lahore, using Thermo-luminescence Dosimeter during Cancer Treatment.
  • Studied electrical and thermoelectric properties of Metals and Alloys and different materials such as Simulated Shales, Marbles etc.
  • Studied dielectric properties of different materials at microwave frequencies.
  • Studied electrical and thermoelectric properties of high temperature. Superconductors.
  • Evaluated the impact of LBOD World Bank project in SIND to remove Salinity and Water-Logging by image possessing using satellite digital data.