IMS Corporate Fest 2018

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    IMS Corporate Fest 2018

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    Royal Palm

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Event Description

It's not every day that an institute calls upon 40 major organizations to come together and engage. However, we have witnessed the art and skill of students over at IMS Pak-AIMS who have proved their worth as the next generation of leaders. On January 31, 2018, Institute of Management Sciences held an event under the supervision of Ma'am Maria Nadeem, entitled "Corporate Fest 2018" hosted at the Royal Palm Golf & Country Club. What started off as a standard project of 'Innovation & Leadership' turned out to be a hub for major multinational organizations.

Four teams from the class rose upfront and took charge of all the managerial tasks as well as the physical ones. The sole purpose of the event was to engage multinational corporations in playing the devised games in an innovative way and performing specific activities in groups. For the students of Innovation and Leadership, the Corporate Fest 2018 exhibited the leadership qualities of several personas, which was the base on which the event took place in the first place.

"The world is bound to no man, little drops of water, tiny grains of sand, make the mighty ocean and the pleasant land"

At the event, the crowd was awestruck - a Corporate Festival with an astounding level of intensity? It seemed all the hard work and devotion did not go in hollow. One of our key sponsors, McDonald's had an amazing time and said that their money paid off well. All the enthusiasm, the excitement coupled with energetic performances made the event and something that we will remember in the times to come.

It's a no-brainer that hard work pays off. Institute of Management Sciences has held various events in the past and Corporate Fest 2018 will act as a milestone for others to surpass. As of now, all the core team members, event moderators, and coordinators roam the grounds knowing they have acquired a skill that not many possess. Every little individual effort combined to form a team, and every team combined, resulted in what we know as the 'Corporate Fest 2018'.

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