Teacher Training Workshop

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    Teacher Training Workshop

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    IMS Auditoriam

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Event Description

A Teachers’ Training Workshop on “21st Century Learning” was organized at IMS on Thursday (May 25, 2017) at 4:00 pm. Participants from more than 40 institutes attended the said event. Workshop proved itself to be a wonderful platform to exchange ideas and thoughts about contemporary learning. It was an excellent opportunity for the participant teachers to explore new ways of the art of teaching. More than 80 teachers were benefitted from the vast knowledge and diversified experience of Mr. Steve Ryan (Rector, Ali Institute of Education). Session included the strategies to develop creative and critical thinking skills, engaging students in deep learning, democratization of Knowledge and collaboration in learning. The training workshop was the result of tireless efforts of Ms. Samra Ayub (Manager Marketing/Lecturer), Ms. Mubashra Nayyer (Coordinator IMS Students Societies/Lecturer) and support of Mr. Hassan Mujtaba (Registrar, IMS),Maj. Hamid Hussain (Senior Manager Admin) and our talented students Ms. Aneela Javed and Mr. Faraz Khursheed. IMS also wants to extend its heartiest thanks to the management of IMS and ushers team. The chief guest, Dr. A Z Memon (Principal Advisor, IMS) concluded the event by thanking the participants and appreciating the organizing team. He also presented the souvenirs to the speaker. Participation certificates and gift packs were awarded to the participants. In addition, participants were served refreshment at the close of the event.

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