Al - Karim Educational Foundation

The Al-Karim Educational Foundation (AKEF) was established by visionary business leaders and dedicated citizens as a non-profit organization and registered under the Societies Act of 1860 with the aim of filling the gap in professional and specialized education in Management and Computer Sciences.

Aims and Objectives of AKEF

- As a private, nonprofit educational foundation to provide professional education of the highest quality to help fill the gap in professional personnel required for the successful implementation of the government’s privatisation policies in industry and education.

- To set up Institutions of Higher Learning and Centres of Excellence in Management Sciences, Information Technology and Physical Sciences.

- To provide highly qualified faculty in each area to meet the goal of excellence.

- To inculcate in the student body a sense of dedication and devotion to duty in order to provide the country with highly qualified and dedicated professionals.

- To reinvest AKEF operations-generated funds in further growth of AKEF educational institutions.