Why Join IMS

International Industry Linkages

Industry-Academia linkages provide the basis for a strong innovation system. A strong Industry-Academia linkages ensures that the research and development activities in universities are oriented towards demand in the market and in the society; it provides enabling environment for increased creativity for new comers and guarantees the enhanced competitiveness. These functions go hand-in-hand and reinforce each other.

Industry and academia partnerships can play a major role in student recruitment, retention, and workforce development from within the local economy. At this level, professors are found in industries for consultancy and top executives in universities for teaching. A higher level of human resource sharing takes place.

This level of higher linkages results into need satisfaction of both entities where one sees academia has demand for funds, and the industry is short of time and human resource to carry on research. Thus a mutual juxtaposition of both entities results into high level of knowledge spillovers and increased economic growth.

1. Careerz360

careerz360 is set to revolutionise recruitment industry in Pakistan, with years of experience (of its parent company, KBS International Pvt. Ltd) in developing enterprise solutions and with passionate workforce (many of them foreign qualified) careerz360 is well positioned to take up this challenge and mark its name in the history of Pakistan's IT industry.

2. Crescent Brands - Stoneage

STONEAGE was established in 2006 and is an entity of Crescent in Asia. Within a short span STONEAGE has become a recognized apparel brand primarily because of its quality, design and iconic media campaigns. Fashion label STONEAGE has been recognized due to its versatile chic dresses, charismatic collection, sleek denim designs and urban jeans manufacturing trends that have made it exclusive and enrich fashion label of Pakistan producing best quality apparels for astute masses.

3. ALM Human Resource

Our team of specialists consistently deliver outstanding results for our clients. As full service digital marketing agency we combine creative ideas with vast experience in search technologies to deliver measurable results for our clients. We will help you to build a sustainable, meaningful relationship with your clients by engaging them with your brand using social media promotion.

4. Cotton Web Ltd

The company was formed in 1998, since then company persuasively and steadily progressed into Accomplishment phase and erected overseas offices and extended plant’s capability and capacity. Currently, Cotton Web is manned and machined for 0.5 Million garments per month. We have most refined state of art machines and passionate team who are amalgam/blend of young and experienced individuals.