Post-Graduate Programs

M.PHIL Computer Science

Brief Summary

M.PHIL Computer Science is designed for students to use current techniques, skills, and tools necessary for the practice of the discipline. To apply knowledge of computing and software engineering to help the industry. To design, implement, and evaluate a computer-based system, process, or programme to meet pressing needs within realistic constraints of the respective industry.

Course Outline

- BS (CS) 4 Years Degree Programme (min 130 credit hours), or Computer Science Conversion Course 2 (two) Years Degree Programme referred to as "MCS" or "M.Sc.(CS)".

- BCS 3 years Degree Programme. The student will be required to complete the deficiency of difference of total earned credit hours and 130 credit hours.

- 16 year Science and Engineering graduatesare eligible but the dificiency must be covered.

The M.Phil programme requires a total of 33 credit hours (24 credit hours for course work +9 credit hours for thesis).

Year 1, Semester 1
Sr# Course Title Credit Hrs.
1 Advanced Analysis Algorithm 3
2 Advanced Operating System 3
3 Theory of Automata-II 3
Year 1, Semester 2
Sr# Course Title Credit Hrs.
1 Advanced Computer Architecture 3
2 Elective (Research Methodology) 3
3 Elective (University compulory) 3
Year 2, Semester 3
Sr# Course Title Credit Hrs.
1 Elective-I 3
2 Elective-II 3
3 Thesis (Partial Registration) 3
Year 2, Semester 4
Sr# Course Title Credit Hrs.
1 Thesis (Complete Registration) 3
Fee Structure
Admission Fee (One Time) Rs. 10,000/-
Registration Rs. 10,000/-
Tuition Fee Per Credit Hour Rs. 6,500/-
Total Credit Hours 30
Total Fee Rs. 2,56,000/-