Alumni Council

The Alumni Council is the alumni volunteer leadership group designed to guide alumni programming and to advise the IMS (Pak-AIMS) administration on initiatives and activities. As part of its mission to engage alumni and increase alumni participation, the Alumni Council has numerous industry and affinity committees and networks, including Entertainment Media and Technology, Finance and Marketing etc.


Mr. Waheed Saeed
GM Totota

ID: 001126 MBA Professional (2 year)

Vice President-I

Mr. Imran Rasool
Sales Manager Tapal

ID: 022142 MBA (Professional)

Vice President-II

Mr. Aamir Raza
Student IMS


Mr. Hafiz Bilal
Director, Chawala Industries

ID: 021163 BBA


Mr. Farhan Ali Jawa
Manager PSS, BSS Head Office


Mr. Khizer Zafar
Specialist Trainer, Coke International

ID: 023115 MBA Professional (2 year)